About Humruk

We're not just a store: we aim to turn shopping into a positive force for sustainable change, one purchase at a time. 

We’re an independent newsletter and online shop
for people who want to make the world better through their everyday actions. Twice a month we send you the latest issue with tips and recommendations on how to live a life with positive impact and introduce you to conscious brands along with their cause. We also hook you up with a curated selection of their goods so your purchase directly provides education, clean water, fair wage jobs, and a heck of a lot more... delivered right to your inbox.


The Name:

Humruk is a word we made up that combines two Hindi words: Hum (meaning "Us" or "We") and Rakh (to "put" or "place" something intentionally). We took it to loosely to mean that it's our job as consumers to put things back in order, especially when it comes to the mass consumerism and unsustainable manufacturing that's been the standard for way too long. Also, the domain name was available.


Are You a Brand?

We're always seeking conscious brands to collaborate with. Our education + ecommerce concept provides an opportunity for your team to showcase your story and share your cause through a dedicated online community.  Let's talk!

To hear about brand collaborations and ways to shop with impact, drop your email below so we can send them right to your inbox - along with other inspiring stories to help you live consciously!