humruk community

We’re stoked to have you join us in making the world a better place
especially through how and where you shop. You’re not only empowering the brands you buy from, but also the causes and communities they impact as well. It’s like having a ripple effect where your stone is a simple purchase you made. So thank you!

We’re big on community and having people work together to make this a movement. Our marketing is a bit more grassroots, so any word you can spread about us is much appreciated. We’ve made it easy to get involved, here are some quick things you can do now: 

  1. Get in the Loop:

    We send all of latest brand collabs through email – along with info about their cause and background story – so definitely make sure you’re on the list to hear about them! This is also where we send you our latest profiles and articles, so don’t miss out.


  2. Rukus Maker:

    Part of community may not run their own company or brand, but are doing their part in making this world a better place – and we’d love to feature you, too! If you’re a non-profit leader, artist, community organizer, or more – contact us here to get a profile so we can show you off

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  3. Recommend a Brand:

    We’re always on the look out to partner with brands that have an authentic story and a mission to give back. If you are or came across a brand you’d like to see featured on here, let us know about them by clicking here.

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