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    We are a team of individuals dedicated to supporting the growth of socially and cause-driven brands, companies, and startups. We believe there's something inspiring about connecting with people who are making a difference. We couldn't be more stoked to have on board these amazing individuals below -together we combine a variety of backgrounds (from delivery newspapers to brand strategy) to help usher in a new era of impactful consumerism. 


    humruk ashley baboota

    Ashley Baboota | Managing Director


    humruk karan baboota Karan Baboota | Business Development














    humruk annalena wilder





    Annalena Wilder | Content and Community Manager

    Coming soon






    ezzat izzuddinEzzat Izzuddin | Partnership Director




    peter cybriwsky
















    Want to get in touch? Hit us up at hey@humruk.com